Quality Policies


Altaş Aluminum sells aluminum profiles produced by extrusion method and coated with powder or anodized. Altaş Aluminum follows the quality policy as below;

  • Performing the production as desired, in time, any form and the amount requested by customer,
  • Believed in studies related with continuous improvements, high efficiency and low loss.
  • Being a company where the competitors respect, customers trust, suppliers are cared about and all employees have a high level of satisfaction.

In accordance with the goals and the objectives stated above, a Management System has been set up in the format specified on TS EN ISO 9001:2015 standard and implemented. Our procedures and instructions include the outlines of this system. Altaş Aluminum is committed to ensuring that all employees have the necessary awareness and discipline to comply with the Quality Management System.

The Quality Management System is designed to be continuously reviewed and developed over time. All employees support the improvement of the system with their suggestions and contributions for both the goals set and the procedures applied to aim for.


As ALTAŞ ALÜMİNYUM, in the light of quality awareness and experience, we have gained in the aluminum extrusion industry; adopts environmental protection and worker's health and safety as a basic principle. To leave a livable environment for future generations and as a stakeholder of our Total Quality Management approach, we adopt our basic policy to manage all our production and support processes in line with the following principles. We also undertake to scrutinize this policy regularly and work with the principle of continuous improvement in our related activities. Our Principles;

  • Using global resources effectively
  • Supporting and observing recovery in all processes
  • To ensure the management of the factors that will not comply with these principles by evaluating the environmental and occupational health and safety aspects in all processes, with a target of continuous improvement.
  • Reduce emergency effects
  • Customers, employees, and suppliers are informed to heighten awareness of environmental and occupational health and safety
  • To consider all parties (environment, public, employees, suppliers, customers, visitors etc.) to be affected in investment plans and environmental and occupational health and safety planning
  • To create a flexible corporate culture that follows the field of environmental and occupational health and safety, and is open to change
  • To fulfill legal obligations of environmental and occupational health and safety, other conditions, and customer demands completely. Besides, following relevant current law and more importantly, work in accordance with global values
  • All our stakeholders are informed about the performance and improvements of our organization in the field of Environment and Occupational Health and Safety.


All Altaş Aluminum employees are obliged to comply with the "Ethical Code of Conduct". In addition, all stakeholders are expected to comply with the business ethics rules and all the principles that support these rules. Informing the “Ethical Code of Conduct” to all employees; ensuring that employees pay the necessary importance to these rules; and showing the necessary efforts and leadership to comply with these rules, are the primary duties and responsibilities of employees in the management role. Additionally, the relations of Altaş Aluminum with all stakeholders are described below:


    Altaş Alüminyum values its employees and respects employee rights. In this context, our basic principles in terms of relations with employees are as follows:

    • To make a selection based on merit in recruitments and to provide equal opportunity to all employees without discriminating language, religion, race and gender.
    • To bring qualified employees who will carry our company to the future.
    • To make maximum use of employees' talents, strength and creativity
    • Ensuring equal opportunities for training, directing and developing employees
    • Preventing mobbing between superiors, close contacts or subordinates; and initiating a legal process in case of proof of mobbing
    • Rewarding success with fair and competitive wage policies, effective and objective performance evaluation system
    • To increase loyalty to the company by providing equal career opportunities and rewarding, to ensure work peace and continuity.
    • To provide employees clean, healthy and safe working conditions where all kinds of occupational safety measures are taken.
    • To create a transparent and mutually respectful working environment where cooperation and solidarity is an important element and ensure its continuity.
    • Not allowing any kind of abuse in the workplace.
    • Evaluating and responding the opinions and suggestions of the employees and taking motivational measures
    • Not to share private information about the employees with third parties, except for legal obligation, without the consent and knowledge of the employee in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Law.
    • Respecting human rights
    • Not to employ young people under the age of 18, comply with relevant laws and regulations, and do not establish a working relationship with external stakeholders employing child workers, except for training and apprenticeship programs approved by the official authorities.

    Altaş Aluminyum manages its activities in full and in accordance with the laws, records them and reports them when necessary.


    Altaş Aluminum’s customer relationship is based on the following basic principles:

    • To be a source of value for customers; to meet customer special requests and requirements at the most appropriate level and on time as mutually agreed with the customer
    • Providing quality products and services
    • Communicating with customers clearly, directly and accurately
    • Creating a long-term trust relationship with customers
    • To increase customer satisfaction in the sales and after-sales process
    • Not providing misleading and incomplete information to customers
    • To comply with the confidentiality and occupational safety rules demanded by the customer

    Altaş Aluminum's supplier relationship is based on the following basic principles:

    • Being a mutual source of added value in business relations with suppliers
    • Communicating with customers clearly, directly and accurately
    • Creating a long-term trust relationship with suppliers
    • To comply with the confidentiality and occupational safety rules demanded by the supplier

    Altaş Alüminyum's ethical code of conduct that all employees must comply with is as follows:

    • Performing all activities in accordance with the law
    • To fulfill their duties within the framework of basic moral and human values
    • To act equitable, well-intentioned and understanding in order to gain mutual benefits in all relationships.
    • Not making any unfair profits, taking bribes or giving bribes from individuals and organizations for any purpose.
    • Not behaving in a way that will disturb or harm other employees.
    • Acting in accordance with the awareness that the company’s financial and trade secrets, personnel information, and agreements with third parties are confidential and not to act in contradiction with this.
    • Not to share the information and documents it owns due to the work in the company with unauthorized persons and authorities for any purpose.
    • To act and and to take necessary precautions in accordance with the rules and instructions set for Occupational Health and Safety activities, which are the common responsibility of all employees.
    • Not to keep any goods or materials that are dangerous or illegal for the company and / or other employees at work
    • Not spread disinformation (not give a non-existent data or result)
    • Not to share misleading information (not to make a declaration by distorting, hiding or modifying a data or result)
    • Using company resources within the framework of the following ethical rules:
      • Not abusing company resources
      • Not using company resources for personal needs or personal needs of third parties
    • Using social media within the framework of the following ethical rules:
      • Not to share on behalf of Altaş Aluminum on social media in any way, except for authorized persons by Altaş Aluminum.
      • Not to blame any other person or company other than the employee itself for the personal shares, even if using company resources.
      • Not to post on social media in a way that would disturb the peace in the working environment and / or the relationship between the employees or abuse the personality rights.

      The rules for conducting the relations with private or public persons and institutions who want to establish or maintain a business relationship with Altaş Aluminum are as follows:

      • Not to accept and offer any gifts that may cause or be perceived as an addiction relationship, creating the impression of the existence of an irregularity, other than commemorative / promotional materials given in accordance with commercial traditions, customs and traditions.
      • Delivering the commemorative and promotional gifts of 200 TL or more which are given to the employees to the Financial Affairs Manager to be recorded in the Altaş Aluminum inventory
      • Not accept any offer for benefit from suppliers, customers or third parties

      Awards, non-profit gifts which present to employees or other stakeholders are exempt from the 200 TL rule by the decision of the Board of Directors or the Representative of the Board of Directors.


    The Disciplinary Board consists of the Disciplinary Board Members appointed by Altaş Aluminum with an appointment letter.

    In case of non-compliance with the above-mentioned rules, relevant employees will be sent to the Disciplinary Board. The Disciplinary Board will serve to evaluate the inappropriate situations better, to engage disciplinary practices and to ensure parallelism in the practices.

    Disciplinary penalties to be applied after the violation of the above-mentioned rules are as follows:

    • If there is any misconduct determined to be done intentionally, dismissal can be applied in accordance with the relevant articles of the labor law and legal proceedings can be initiated.
    • If there is no misconduct, only negligence arising from carelessness and / or ignorance, verbal or written warning may be given in accordance with the effect of the event.